Clay and Oil was founded by the artist StephanieR.  One of a kind handmade Oil Paintings and Pottery crafted with care. 

Clay and Oil's Paintings are based off of photos taken by StephanieR. From there after the drying period they are varnished for protection and placed in hand made wooden picture frames also made by the artist, ready to find there new loved home! 

Clay and Oil's Pottery are all unique one of a kind items.  All pieces are either hand built or hand thrown on a wheel using stoneware clay. From there fired and glazed and ready to be used in there wonderful new home!

Stephanie's Journey

Oil Painting has been a go to for StephanieR since college. It was one of those love at first site situations and has been a part of her life ever since.  She enjoyed the 3D and Texture that you can get with oil paint while still maintaining that rich pigment color. Painting with Oil Paint gave her the realization that there could be other mediums out there that she may love even more so why not take the time to experiment and really find where her heart takes her.  

Pastels were the next choice of medium. "I always love going back to the basics and to be as natural with my materials as I can.  Where you get to work with the pigment itself for pastels, it was the obvious next choice." StephanieR continues to use pastels for sketching and plans to into the future, but continued on her experimental medium journey.  

The next big impacted medium is what brought us Clay and Oil today, Pottery.  After experimenting with the pastels, a love for working with bare hands and the material came to the surface.  " There is a connection with clay I feel, that I can't quite obtain in other mediums. With my hands I can form a useful object out of material that our earth has created over many many many years.   Working with that being my idea of clay can sometimes feel like I am sketching with my hands being able to make an object in real time straight from our soil.  Pottery has opened my eyes and allowed me to let go and enjoy what comes my way.  There is so much room for mistake in Ceramics but with that there is so much room for spectacular new things as well! I'm excited to continue to learn more about Pottery while still having my comfort and love of oil painting.  Ceramics allows me to let loose where oil painting i have complete control, bringing out my perfectionist personality. I feel like Between Clay and Oil I really have the best of both worlds."